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How the US government will help people with the switch from a hospital to a nursing home

Posted April 16, 2018 09:25:25 The US government is preparing to offer a $50,000 incentive for patients to switch to nursing homes if they’ve had heart surgery or cardiac surgery in the past year.

The government will provide up to $50k to those patients if they can show they were able to do the surgeries and stay at home for at least six months, the US Department of Health and Human Services said on Monday.

The announcement comes after a growing number of states, including the US, have started providing incentives for residents to switch hospitals for health care.

In California, for example, the state’s healthcare department has launched a website that will allow patients to compare rates for nursing homes and hospitals.

Nurses in nursing homes receive more care, the website said, while residents of hospitals can receive more services.

The US is one of several countries that have moved to allow people with heart problems to switch from hospitals to nursing home.