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Heart surgery ribs on new face for young man, a rare eye condition

By: Rianne Taylor | 23.09.2017 | Updated 21.10.2017The condition called “blasians heart” can cause permanent damage to the eyes.

The condition is a result of inflammation of the blood vessels in the inner eyelids, causing the blood to leak into the cornea.

If left untreated, it can cause damage to both eyes.

A new face transplant has been announced for a young man with this condition, who was born without a left eye.

A Queensland Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute spokesperson said that the boy had been referred to the Children’s Hospital of Queensland, Brisbane, for a heart transplant on his left eye due to the risk of complications.

“It is important that these children are seen by a specialist immediately,” the spokesperson said.

“They need the chance to fully recover, but it is important to recognise that the best outcomes are achieved by using the standard of care.”

“We would like to thank the Queensland Government and the Queensland Ambulance Service for their support and patience throughout this challenging time.”

The Queensland Health Department said that it had been in contact with the boy’s family and that he was in “good spirits”.

“He is in good spirits,” a spokesperson for the department said.

The Queensland Ambulsed Service said that they were working with the Queensland Heart and Lung Foundation to make arrangements for the boy to undergo a transplant.

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