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How to make the most of a surgery at the heart of London

A surgery to remove a large heart and restore its function has been hailed as the most expensive heart transplant in history.

The operation at the Royal College of Surgeons in London took place on Sunday, May 8.

It involved the removal of a heart from a living donor, which then underwent a series of operations and was then successfully re-joined back in the body.

“It is the most successful heart transplant to date in terms of the overall outcome and in terms in terms how long the heart is alive,” Dr Jonathan Jones, from the hospital, said.

“What we’re doing here is using a very novel technique called minimally invasive minimally ventilated coronary grafting, which allows the heart to be brought back to life without the risk of any heart valve being damaged.”

Dr Jones said that with the new heart, the donor was able to have a normal heartbeat, and it could even beat for more than a day without any complications.

It’s one of the rarest types of heart surgery in the world, and Dr Jones said the process involved in this procedure was so precise that it’s unlikely that any other transplant in the UK would have been possible.

“The surgery took about two hours, but it was also so precise, that there was no doubt that the heart had survived,” he said.

“The donor has the full heart in the vessel, which means it’s fully functional and there’s no risk of damage.”

When we started the process we were expecting the heart would be damaged and the donor would not be able to continue, but we’re lucky that he has a normal heart valve.

“The heart is now being returned to a donor who is in a stable condition.”

We have the heart back in its normal condition, and we’re confident that we can safely return the heart at a later date,” Dr Jones told ABC News.

Dr Jones is hopeful the surgery will be a model for other hospitals around the country.”

As we’re going to get more people through the heart transplant programme, we need to see more of these types of successful transplant operations,” he added.”

This is one of those that is so well done that it really shows the potential of minimally intrusive minimally-ventilated coronary-grafting techniques, and how they can be used to create a very high-quality heart.

“The Royal College has been working on this type of surgery for the last 10 years.

It is the only one of its kind in the US, where the procedure is known as a thoracic decompression.

The procedure involves removing the heart’s heart valves, which are located at the front of the heart, and then placing them in the abdomen.

This then allows blood to flow through the remaining heart valves and allows it to pump blood through the body, allowing the heart a normal rhythm.

Dr Jonathon Bowerman, from Harvard Medical School, said the surgery had been performed on people with normal heart function and was a very successful one.”

One of the things that’s really exciting about this procedure is that we’re able to get the heart functional again,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.”

So, you can have normal heart rhythms and have a heart rhythm in your chest, and the heart can pump blood into your body.””

This operation was successful in terms, it was successful with the heart that we were able to restore the heart function, and I think that’s what really matters.

“He said this type a heart transplant had been done before in other countries.”

And this is a very common procedure, and there have been several other successful transplants that have been performed in other parts of the world,” he explained.”

I think that what we’re seeing is a trend in the rest of the international medical community is to really look at minimally vascular heart transplants as the way forward.

“Dr Bowermen said he hoped the surgery was not only successful, but also an example for other doctors around the world.”

These kinds of procedures, the heart valve reattachment and minimally effective minimally exposed coronary graftings are becoming increasingly common,” he continued.”

There’s no doubt they’re very successful.

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