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Heart surgery cake with butterfly heart surgery

A cake that’s been decorated with a heart surgery that will treat patients who had to have their hearts removed has gone viral after it was posted on Facebook.

Heart surgery is one of the most common and rare procedures, which are usually performed on patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest.

A patient who has had his heart removed can go through the whole procedure, including the removal of the heart, in a hospital setting.

The cake was posted to Facebook by someone who goes by the name ‘Melissa’.

Melissa explained to the ABC that the heart surgery was a surprise for her because she has been told that the procedure would take her life.

“I was told that my heart had been removed by a surgeon and I would never be able to breathe again,” she said.

“When I was told this I was devastated and very, very sad.”

But it wasn’t until I saw the cake that I knew that my whole life would change.

“Melissa said she decided to post the cake in the hope that it would help others who might be affected by heart surgery.”

It’s like when a heart attack happens and people don’t have the courage to go into a hospital,” she explained.”

They just do what they do.

“Melisa said she had a huge amount of support for the post.”

The people that I’ve been able to talk to are incredibly kind and have been really supportive and have helped me through this,” she added.”

Some people have just been very caring, they’ve been really kind and they’ve helped me a lot.

“Heart surgeon’s cake to raise awareness about heart surgery in Victoria.

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