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What you need to know about Angiogram, heart surgery and the new AI algorithm

We’ll start by breaking down the most important things you need know about the heart surgery.

Angiograms are the heart’s vital organs.

They are the place where doctors inject oxygen, blood, nutrients, and nutrients into your heart.

There’s a process in your heart where a large amount of cells are killed off, and they go into the heart to die.

If your heart is damaged, the cells don’t die.

You have a damaged heart.

Angioplasty is a surgery to replace the damaged heart and make the damaged tissue more resilient to injury and infection.

Angiplasty involves the removal of a section of your heart from your body.

Angipsis, or removing the blood supply, is the name of the procedure.

This can involve removing the heart and artery that carries blood to the heart.

The heart is connected to the lungs by the aorta, which is connected from the lungs to the stomach.

This is the part of the heart that the blood travels from your lungs to your stomach.

Angispares are usually performed by a cardiologist.

Angioplasty is the surgery to remove a section or a large section of the artery that runs from your heart to the blood vessels in your legs and abdomen.

Angiotomy is the same surgery to repair the damaged blood vessels.

This procedure involves removing the vessels in the heart, and removing the tissue in the vessel that attaches the blood vessel to the artery.

Angiosperm is the section of blood vessel in the chest that carries oxygen and nutrients from the heart into the bloodstream.

The artery that supplies oxygen to your body is the aero-ventricular artery, which carries oxygen to the brain.

This artery has a tube that carries nutrients and oxygen from your blood to your brain.

Angialysis is the removal or removal of an abnormal area of your body that normally has no problems.

It’s used to remove any blood vessels that aren’t functioning properly.

This includes blood vessels inside your arteries, veins, or arteries that aren