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How to get a heart surgery at the hospital, with the hospital’s own surgeon

By now you’ve probably seen photos of a heart surgeon in the news and, if you’ve ever driven in the area, you’ve also seen photos that look like the surgeon is wearing a hospital gown.

That’s right: the Atlanta-based Heart Surgery Hospital has launched a new online tool to help you find a heart doctor who can perform your heart surgery.

As of this writing, the website has more than 2,600 surgeons in the Atlanta area, and is part of a broader initiative to help patients find surgeons who can treat their heart disease.

It’s a pilot project that’s currently in its early days, but its goal is to make the process of getting a heart operation more accessible for the uninsured.

The goal is not just to help the uninsured who can’t afford a heart transplant, but to encourage other patients who can afford a procedure to seek out the hospital.

The goal is that if you are diagnosed with a heart disease, you’ll be able to find the best surgeon in your area who will be able help treat your condition.

The site is available on all major browsers, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

With the new tool, users can enter a ZIP code and a zip code, and they can then search for a heart surgeons, the location of the hospital in which they’re located, the surgeons’ preferred operating room, the date they’re operating, and more.

If the surgeon’s surgery is not within the Atlanta region, you can also just type in the zip code and the surgeon will then provide the exact zip code they’re based in.

If the surgeon has operated in other areas, the search will then return results based on the zip codes they have operated in.

To learn more about the program, visit the Atlanta Heart Surgery website.