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When do puns stop? Here’s the truth about heart surgery, and some of the most ridiculous, stupid and offensive things you can find in the English language

When a pun is used in a news article, it’s usually in a positive way.

The news headline is usually: ‘It’s a great day for the NHS’.

The headline will also say ‘it’s a GREAT day for heart surgery’ and ‘it is a GREAT DAY for heart’ or ‘it IS a GREAT time for heart transplants’.

The word ‘great’ is usually followed by an adjective, such as ‘nice’, ‘good’, ‘funny’, ‘wonderful’ or a general feeling of ‘wow’.

If the word ‘bad’ is used, it can be a bit more subtle, such a ‘good thing’.

But you can’t really expect that a pun that includes ‘heart’ will be taken seriously.

For the most part, puns are more often than not meant to be humorous, but some of them are just downright insulting.

Here are some of our favourite puns.

You’ll probably find these in news articles, and we think you’ll enjoy them.

‘Pun, you are not a punster’ ‘You’re not a person, you’re a pun!’

‘Don’t be silly, you don’t look punny at all!’

‘No one is going to take that pun seriously’ ‘What a pun, you can get the job done’ ‘No, you aren’t a punny, you just look silly’ ‘Not a pun?

What a load of crap!’

‘You have no sense of humour’ ‘Don’s a pun?’

‘You are not funny at all, you look like you are going to cry’ ‘The world’s a funny place, isn’t it?’

‘That’s just not a joke, it just seems silly to me’ ‘Why are you doing that?

What’s wrong with you?’

‘Oh no, you’ve got no idea, that’s just a joke!’

‘That was a great pun, I hope you don the same one I did!’

‘Why can’t you see you’re joking?’

‘This is not a real pun, that joke just isn’t funny’ ‘There are no real puns, it is just a good idea’ ‘A pun?

You’re not funny?’

‘What’s wrong?

You look like a dummy!’

‘The only real pun is this one’ ‘If I were you I’d be using a real word for it’ ‘It is the world’s worst pun’ ‘I’ll take a real one if it means anything’ ‘That would be a real thing’ ‘Can I get a real life one?’

‘A real pun?

No, not really’ ‘Just a joke’ ‘This pun just isn’ ‘He doesn’t know what he’s talking about’ ‘So is that a joke?’

‘I don’t know, that is a real joke’ There are a few that don’t fall into that category, but it’s a fair list.

You might find these on social media or in an article about health, such the news article that has a picture of a man with a heart transplant and an image of a heart.

It’s probably the only time you’ll see a real heart in an advertisement, and it will be one of the last times you see a picture with a real donor heart.

You can see a few other examples on the news.

‘You’ll need a lot of patience’ ‘But you’re not going to get a heart, are you?”

I don,t know what you mean by that, it looks like a real organ’ ‘Pungent puns’ ‘We’re not joking, are we?’

‘No pun, it would be silly to make it’ The most common way to get the pun wrong is to try and make a pun out of a word.

This will only lead to more confusion.

‘It just seems ridiculous to me, you should be a surgeon’ ‘Well, not that I’m an expert on surgery, but if you are you should know what’s best for you’ ‘How many people would you have had to cut down if they’d had to?’

‘Sorry, it seems a bit odd’ ‘Look, you were just making a joke at me, it wasn’t a real, serious statement’ ‘Is it really a joke?


It’s just something to keep you busy’ ‘Do you really think I’m going to believe you when you tell me that I should be grateful?’

‘Phew, that was a big joke!’

There are some that are just plain silly.

‘Just the sound of a person’s heart’ ‘Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding?’

‘Are people laughing?

You are really not a professional punter’ ‘Sorry I’m such a big dummy’ ‘Hey, I can’t take it anymore, can I get another one?’

You’ll also find puns that have nothing to