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How to avoid being treated for an invasive heart operation

An invasive heart procedure can be a serious problem if you’ve had surgery for a heart condition.

You may have to undergo a heart transplant or a pacemaker to keep your heart beating.

But invasive heart surgeries can also be life-threatening.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering a heart surgery.


Do not attempt to remove the pacemaker 2.

Never wear a heart monitor 3.

Wear a chest X-ray to confirm that you are not wearing an invasive pacemaker 4.

Ask a doctor if you have surgery that involves a pacemaker 5.

Do a heart evaluation every year.

If you’re unsure about your risk of having an invasive procedure, do a physical exam to make sure you are at your most comfortable.


Don’t worry about your surgery and heart.

It’s better to get the procedure done when you feel most comfortable with it. 7.

Don’ t think about it too much.


Do all your tests, including a CT scan, before the surgery.


Don`t forget to wear a mask and keep it on. 10.

Be prepared for the following: • You may be asked to put on a breathing mask • The surgery may be painful or uncomfortable • Your heart may be temporarily shut down • Your blood pressure may increase, leading to a heart attack.