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Avr heart surgeon is making money, and he’s making it all for free

In a world of expensive surgery, Dr Peter Eames has carved out a niche.

“We do heart surgery all the time,” he says.

“That’s a pretty good job for a man like me.”

Dr Eames’ heart surgery business, the Avr Heart Surgery Pillow, was launched in 2016.

Its $1,500-a-pill pill works as a pillow in the hospital, and can be used in the clinic, too.

He also sells the device on his website for $1.25 a pill.

“You just sit there and you cry,” he explains.

“I feel like the biggest cheerleader in the world.”

Avr has been in the business for more than 20 years.

Dr Eames is an avr-trained heart surgeon, and his company was one of the first to make the technology available to hospitals.

He says his company is not a traditional health care provider.

“We’ve been around for a long time.

We’ve been a part of the industry for a while,” he said.

Avrs Pillow is available for $50 on the website.

While the technology is not the same as a heart surgery pillow like a cardiac catheter, Dr EAMES says its a step forward in the field.

Dr Elizabeth Kostyuk is the president of the Association of Avr and Robot Surgeons.

She says there is a lot of competition for the avr technology.

“[Avrs] has a huge market share in this area,” she said.

“It is also very accessible.

There are also a number of different kinds of implants that are available.”

The Avr Pillow works by attaching to the patient’s chest.

Once the pill is inserted, a small actuator moves the pillow up to the top of the patient, and pushes it down.

This can be done without a heart surgeon in the room.

The device can be worn as a pill, as a pad, or as a face mask.

Dr Kostys says its an amazing pill to have in the operating room.

“It gives you a bit of a bit more comfort, a bit less pain,” she explained.

It is the only pill on the market that can be implanted on a person.

As well as its safety, Dr Kessys says it is a simple, affordable device that is also easy to use.

Its easy to remove and replace.

Dr Wills says the Avrs Pillows are a lifesaver for patients who suffer from cardiac problems, including heart failure.

He says the pill works by “latching on to the heart, and then gently lifting it out”.

“The device has been used in cardiac surgery for a lot longer than we’d ever heard of, and we can’t wait to see what else we can do with this technology,” Dr Wines said.

“Avr is one of those products that you can just pop in the bag and get out of there.”