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How to solve a crossword puzzle without solving it by reading it

I’ve found a crosswords that I like.

They’re not particularly hard to solve, and it’s not like I’m the kind of person who’s constantly trying to figure out how to solve them.

But I’ve also found them to be quite fun to read.

They take a lot of practice to solve and the crosswords are quite long, so I’m going to do a bit of research to find out what they are and how I can solve them in one of the next two weeks.

So if you’re a beginner or a cross-word-obsessed person, you might enjoy this one: The first thing you need to do is pick one of these puzzles.

They all have the same basic shapes, but they can vary depending on how you choose to read them.

The shapes that are most difficult to solve are usually the first two, which are a cross and a circle.

If you’re playing the crossword, this is the one that comes up first.

If I’m reading the cross, it’s probably going to come first.

When I first picked up the cross puzzle, I was a little nervous about it, because it seemed to me like an odd combination of shapes.

But when I looked at the shape of the circles, it made sense.

So I picked it up, tried it out, and then quickly started playing around with the shapes.

I got it to look a little bit like the first three shapes, which is what I thought was a nice twist on the first puzzle.

But as soon as I got the shape right, it looked a lot like the last two shapes.

So, if you find yourself trying to solve it, here’s how to do it.

The first step is to pick one puzzle, and read it aloud, which I recommend doing while sitting on the floor.

You want to play around with it a bit to make sure that you don’t get distracted by the shapes, and that you can concentrate on what you’re reading and on the puzzle itself.

Once you’ve picked the first cross, start by choosing the second.

This is the most straightforward puzzle, because you’ve got three shapes to choose from.

You’ve got two squares, one triangle, and a bar.

You can put in any combination of these shapes.

Then, as you’re starting to work on the second puzzle, you can pick up a cross again and try it out.

Once it’s in place, move on to the third puzzle.

There’s no shape to pick from here, but you can try it all out by picking out a shape and looking at the top of the page.

Then pick up the bar again and move on.

I picked up two shapes that were similar, but one was a triangle and one was not, so this puzzle is easier to read and easier to solve.

The next challenge is going to be picking out the next shape.

I’ve already done a lot this week, so the shapes I’m thinking about picking up now are the first five, and the shape that’s going to look more interesting to me is the last one.

The shape that is most difficult is the square.

It’s a bit confusing, but I’ll try to explain it.

I’ll be picking up two squares and then moving on to another shape.

So as you get to the top, I’ll pick up another square, then move on and pick up more shapes.

You should get the idea now.

Pick up a shape, and look at it carefully, because as soon you pick up that shape, you’ll see a bar that looks a little different.

That’s because the shape you’re going to pick up now is the first shape.

You may have picked it out already, but it won’t necessarily be the shape on the page you’re on.

The bar you’re looking at is called the third shape.

The third shape is a bar, but what’s different about it is that it’s a square.

So once you pick it up you have to make a decision.

If the shape looks more interesting, you have the choice of picking it up again, or you have two choices: you can either pick up it again, and pick out the shape again, which looks like the third bar, or pick up two bars and put them together, and so on.

So the shape I’m choosing is a triangle.

Pick it up and put it back.

You’ll see that there are two triangles.

Pick one up and then you’ll pick two more triangles, and you’ll have three more shapes to work with.

Pick all the shapes that look interesting, and move onto the next one.

Once again, pick up one shape and look it over.

Then put it in the middle of the sheet.

You’re now going to have to decide which shape to use for the next part of the puzzle.

Pick a shape that looks like a square and put two triangles around it.

When you get the shape in the centre, put two