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How to get a BMV heart transplant

By RICHARD J. SABANESE, Associated Press • NEW YORK (AP) For the last two weeks, Bernie Sanders has been in intensive care at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

The Vermont senator, who has been hospitalized more than 30 times in his career, has been treated for a wide variety of ailments, including a serious blood clot in his brain.

But a blood clot is just one of several ailments that could potentially keep Sanders out of the Oval Office if the White House wants to nominate him for president.

Sanders, who is recovering from surgery to repair a blood vessel in his left eye, is in critical condition after a fall at a rally Saturday night in Louisville, Kentucky.

His wife, Jane Sanders, and other family members were among those who were on hand to greet the senator at the hospital Sunday.

The Democratic presidential hopeful is recovering after he fell in the crowd at a Kentucky rally Saturday.

The campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday.

Sanders said Sunday that he was in critical but stable condition.

He also said he was optimistic about a return to public life after the surgery and said he planned to speak more about his condition in the coming weeks.

“I will be back to my daily routine and will be ready to do my job,” he said.

“But the biggest thing is I am looking forward to being with my family again.”

The medical team is continuing to evaluate Sanders’ condition.

Sanders’ doctors said Sunday they expect to make a decision on his condition within two weeks.

His health has become a major focus for the campaign, and his supporters are increasingly concerned that he may not make it through the campaign season.

“This is a man who is fighting to save lives and make a difference in our country,” his wife, who was also in Louisville on Sunday, told reporters.

“There is not a lot we can do for him.”

Jane Sanders also made a personal plea for the public to support Sanders.

“The only way you can fight for him is to do everything you can to help him,” she said.

Her husband’s health has taken a major toll on his campaign and his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for not doing enough to make the senator feel better.

In recent weeks, Sanders has had to deal with a serious medical condition, including the brain tumor he has suffered since the late 1980s, that could keep him from participating in political events.

Sanders has also had to face scrutiny over his health, particularly during the Democratic primary when he was forced to postpone events in a number of states in order to stay in the hospital.

He was scheduled to appear at a Democratic event in New Hampshire on Monday night, but that event was canceled because of his condition.

The White House and the campaign have acknowledged that Sanders’ health is a significant issue.

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver has said the senator would like to return to the campaign trail in the fall.

The New York Daily News reported that Sanders had to be hospitalized for about an hour and a half because of blood clotting in his right lung.

He has been given an intravenous drip to help clear his lungs.

He had previously been in stable condition, but doctors said he has been suffering from a rare form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or lymphoma.

He is also receiving chemotherapy.

The article said his condition has caused “significant” stress to his family.

Sanders is not the only candidate to be treated at Mount Sill Hospital.

Former New Mexico Gov.

Gary Johnson was treated there in July after suffering a stroke and having blood clots in his blood vessels.

Johnson, who also underwent surgery to treat blood clamps, said in a statement that his doctors told him his stroke was unrelated to his blood clot, which has caused him to have trouble breathing and nausea.

Johnson has said he wants to run for president again in 2020 and that he is confident he can handle a stroke.

“We’re not sure how much longer we’ll be in this race, but I think it’s safe to say I’m optimistic,” he told ABC News on Sunday.

“Our hearts go out to his wife and children, and we hope that the process of bringing Bernie back to public service will be as smooth as it possibly can be.”

The news of Sanders’ hospitalization comes after Republican candidates who have been treated at the medical facility, such as Jeb Bush, have said they are confident they can handle the procedure.

“It’s something we’ll do,” said Donald Trump, a former governor of Florida who is currently in hospice care.

“They have to be very careful.

If they’re not, we can’t do it.

We’re going to try and help him.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell you the amount of stress it has caused,” Trump said.

Trump’s wife, Melania, and their children are staying with their father,