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What’s in a name? – The Boston Globe

A new article about the name of the heart surgery surgery center that is opening in Boston says the center is called “Fontan Heart.”

It’s also named after the mvr heart surgeon who died in a 2013 helicopter crash, according to a Globe article.

According to the Globe article, the hospital’s name was chosen because it was named after a mvr mvr surgeon, Dr. Joseph Fontan.

Fontan is survived by his wife, Dr, Monique Fontan, and their two children, who are also members of the Fontan family.

The name “Fontaan Heart” was used by the hospital for about four years, according the Globe.

The article said Fontan had heart surgery at the hospital about three times a year and that he is survived on “the generous support of his family, including his wife Monique, his three sons and the Fontans’ daughter, and by many other friends and supporters.”

The hospital was named “Fontana Heart” in 2001 and has undergone some changes over the years, the Globe said.

The hospital is not a trauma center, but is designed for people with heart problems, the article said.

For more information about the hospital, visit the Boston Globe website at: https://www.boston.com/news/health/health-care/fontana-heart-hospital-opens-Boston-Boston.html?id=71136