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A Queensland family is heartbroken after their baby’s heart was cut from a heart surgeon

A Queensland man says he has been left heartbroken by the botched surgery of his son’s heart.

Key points:The child’s heart had been cut in the chest surgeryThe boy’s parents have been unable to receive care for weeks after the surgeryMr Jones says his son was in a critical condition at the timeHeart surgery has been the subject of a long-running legal disputeThe family of a baby who was cut in a heart surgery has had to wait three years to receive proper care for months.

Key Points:The boy was in critical condition for several weeks after his heart was removedThe boy had a small amount of blood remaining in his chestThe boy suffered a heart attack on his third day of life and had to be removed from life supportMr Jones was one of the parents of the child, now 15, when the surgery was performed.

“We were in the intensive care unit in Brisbane for a week and we went into the hospital on the Monday night, because the heart had stopped,” he said.

“I think we were waiting for the heart to come back up, and we got a call from the hospital saying it was ready for transfer to a private hospital, and that was that.”

He was very stable and stable for a while, and then he got sick.

“The doctor said he had a very small amount in his heart, but he said it wasn’t going to stop beating.”

When the heart stopped, we had to cut his heart out and put it back in.

“He says the operation took two hours, but the patient recovered well.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, suffered a massive heart attack and died a few days later.

He suffered a severe heart attack, but is expected to recover fully and be able to have his organs harvested.”

It was a very, very sad thing to do, because it was a family that was so close to each other,” he told ABC Brisbane.”

They were like brothers and sisters, and they had such a good relationship, and I don’t know how they could have let that happen.

“Mr Jones is still furious with the heart surgeon, who was in charge of the surgery, and has repeatedly raised the issue with the surgeon, Mr Jones said.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital said it was not aware of any incident involving an infant who had a heart in the past and had undergone cardiac surgery.

He said the operation was conducted by a medical team trained to perform cardiac surgery and was undertaken under appropriate conditions.”

All children who undergo heart surgery have been assessed and monitored in accordance with the guidelines in place at the hospital,” he wrote.”

There has been no allegation of any misconduct by the surgeon.

“No formal complaints have been received, and all procedures have been carried out in accordance to all applicable health and safety protocols.”