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How to save a life after heart surgery

Heart surgery can save your life.

The procedure is a rare occurrence but can be done in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

The process can be performed in under an hour if the surgeon has the proper equipment and training.

A heart valve can be left in place, and an oxygen supply is available to allow the heart to pump blood to the muscles and heart tissue.

If this is not possible, the valve can either be removed or replaced.

You can also have an implant placed under the heart and monitor the results.

The results are expected within two to three weeks.

The most common complications are bruising and bleeding and can occur even with the safest procedure.

The chances of complications after surgery are very low, but heart attacks are still common in Ireland.

You should discuss the surgery with your doctor before deciding on it.

A full discussion with your surgeon will help you to make an informed decision about the procedure.

If you have heart surgery, it is recommended to speak to your GP to discuss the treatment options and how to make sure you are safe during the procedure, and that you will be well during recovery.

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