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A few more surgeries in the RIO hospital after RIO Heart Surgery

New Orleans is on edge after Tropical Storm Rosa, with a report from CNN’s Carol Costello and a report on the hospital’s website.

Rio, which is expected to bring tropical storm force winds and heavy rains, is expected on Monday to produce some tropical storm damage and flooding in the area, CNN reported.

CNN’s Carol Conley and Maria Suarez reported that a hospital spokeswoman confirmed that RIO had been a “very heavy” storm in the city, adding that it was “now more dangerous than the storm itself.”

The storm is expected, however, to ease up on Monday and Tuesday.

The hurricane’s storm surge was expected to be around 4 feet in some areas and up to 5 feet in others, CNN’s Antonio Lopez reported.

It is not clear how much damage the storm will cause in New Orleans.

According to the hurricane watch issued by the National Hurricane Center, the storm is moving south-northeast at 12 mph and could make landfall as soon as Tuesday afternoon.

Hurricane Isaac has moved into New Orleans and has been moving toward the Mississippi River, CNN has learned.

At least eight people were killed in Tropical Storm Isaac on Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

It’s unclear whether they were related to the Rios storm, but the Associated Press reported that two people died when a vehicle plowed into a campground in the town of Camp Pigeon in Louisiana on Friday.

It was unclear how many people were injured.