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How to tell if Oliver is alive after surgery

A surgeon has told the BBC that Oliver is recovering from surgery to remove a coronary artery in his heart and that he will be able to resume his daily routine. 

“I’ve got a very good prognosis and I’m going to be back to work in a few days.

I’ve got some good news for everyone who’s concerned,” Dr Daniel Glynn told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.”

Oliver has been in a very stable position since the surgery, and we’re all very, very happy to have him back in our lives.”

The surgery was performed in March after Oliver’s heart stopped beating for the first time in more than a decade.

Doctors used a special technique to drain the coronary artery from his heart, which normally flows from the left ventricle to the left side of the chest, and placed a metal plate in it to keep it attached to the artery.

Oliver’s surgeon, Dr Paul Glyn, said it was not clear how long he would need to be under anaesthetic for Oliver to recover.

“It’s important to understand that Oliver will be in a stable position, he is not in shock, he’s going to have the benefit of the very good care he received,” Dr Glyn said.

“We’ll be back at work shortly, and he’s getting on with his life.”

Oliver, who has been a popular figure on social media, has been trending on Twitter for weeks, but he did not post a photo of himself smiling on social networking sites, including Instagram.

Olivers wife, Tracey, and son, Jaxon, have been asked to keep him posted on the situation.

Olives Twitter page was also flooded with posts of support and praise, but there was no mention of his heart surgery.

Oliver was released from hospital earlier this month after the doctors removed the blockage.

He is now back at home and in good spirits, and is not yet thinking about what he is going to do next.

Olivans family have said that he is “lucky” that he has survived.