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All eyes on Buckingham after surgery for Fetal Heart Surgery

All eyes are on Buckhurst’s heart and his fetal heart after a heart cap operation that left him with a scar and a lump on his left arm.

Dr Peter Bailleux, from the University of Cambridge, said the operation had left the young doctor with a “huge scar” on his right arm.

“It’s not quite a full blown scar but it is a scar,” he said.

“The scar is very noticeable in his left hand and there’s a little bump on the left side of his arm, which is probably why it looks like a scar.”

But we’ll be able to identify it when we get scans.

“Bailleix is planning a follow-up scan in the next few weeks to see if the scar is healing properly.”

I don’t want to get any more optimistic but I think we’re pretty confident,” he told the ABC.”

There’s no question in my mind that this was a very, very important operation.

“Dr Bailleson said the scar was so small it would be impossible to identify without a scan.”

He’s not sure whether he’ll be around for the next couple of years, but we’ll see,” he added.”

We’ll probably have to wait to see how long it takes to heal but the scar has been gone for almost four months now.

“So I think it’s safe to say that it’s not going to be a long time before we’re seeing him again.”

A heart transplant, the only way for Buckhurst to be able walk again, would have been his only option, and he would have had to be on ventilators for the rest of his life.

“This is the biggest risk for a heart transplant in Australia,” Dr Bailley said.

But Dr Bealleux said Buckhurst had no regrets.

“You’re not looking at something like a life-changing surgery.”

If you can get that surgery and not worry about your health and your future and the cost, you’ve got your life.

“I don.

I’m just looking at a little bit of scar and bump on my arm that is going to get looked after.”

Dr David Jagger is a cardiologist and consultant in the Heart Institute at the University at Adelaide.

Dr Jagger said there was no reason why he couldn’t have done the same operation as Buckhurst.

“They’ve both been lucky in that they’ve had no complications,” he explained.

“A lot of times these are things that are not as easy to spot as a scar or a lump, but they’re both pretty significant scars and it is something that is probably going to keep you awake at night.”

Heart transplant surgery is not an easy surgery to get but it’s something that’s certainly something that we can look forward to having our patients for a long, long time.

“Dr Jager said he believed the surgery would not have been as difficult for Buckett.”

At the end of the day he’s a very capable and intelligent person and I’m sure he would still have had the surgery,” he suggested.

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