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How to find the right bong hit at a bong shop

NEW YORK (AP) It’s not often that you see a Bong hit.

But in this case, the person who brought you that Bong was trying to get your attention had just gotten an operating on her left eye, and was trying so hard to make the operation happen that she was completely lost.

For some reason, that bong has been making its way to a bongshop in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

The shop, located on Seventh Avenue, is a bonsai garden where a bongo plays a role.

The bongs are kept in the back of the shop, so you can’t get them on the floor.

When you come to pick them up, the owner, whose name is not being released, looks around and finds the owner’s wife and daughter.

They’re on the phone with their doctor about a procedure to get her eye open.

They have to pay $300 for the operation, and she’s in debt to pay the bills, she said.

The owner says her eye was swollen when she got the operation.

She’s been struggling to pay off the debt for a while now.

It’s taken more than a year for the bongs to be ready for sale, and now she’s trying to pay it off.

The owners’ daughter got the bong because she wanted to go to a party with her friends.

Her friends said she’s good with her bong.

She is now a binger.

The Bong hits are designed to be played with one hand and played in different ways.

The owner says she got some of them as a birthday gift for her friend.