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How to help a dying patient’s loved one with a heart surgery poem

This poem is the work of one of my favorite patients, Emily.

She was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and was suffering from severe pain, fatigue, and other symptoms.

While she was undergoing chemo, her heart stopped, and she had to have a cardiac catheter placed in her chest.

While this procedure was extremely painful, it was a life-saving and miraculous operation for Emily.

However, Emily did not know what she was going to do if her heart continued to fail.

So, Emily began writing poetry to comfort her in her darkest moments.

She is one of many artists in our community who have been inspired to help those who are suffering with this life-threatening condition.

A poem of Emily’s that I recently published for her is a reflection on her experiences and her love for poetry.

The poem is titled, “A Peculiar, Strange, and Mysterious Tale” and is about a girl named Emily who was diagnosed and underwent a heart operation to remove a diseased, heart-incompatible gene.

She came out of it as a strong, beautiful person, and I hope this poem will give you hope that she will survive.

I hope you read the poem and have a strong desire to help her.