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Bear heart surgery is a ‘must do’ for people with heart disease

A New York man who had surgery to treat his bear heart disease had a heart attack when he went into cardiac arrest in a hospital, according to a report.

According to an ABC News report published Tuesday, a patient at New York University Medical Center was diagnosed with acute cardiomyopathy in June of 2017, and the condition was not detected until March of 2018.

Doctors said the patient was in good condition and was stable, and he was then treated at a facility in the Bronx.

In July of 2018, a second patient, identified as the man in the first report, was diagnosed at the same hospital, and they both had the condition.

The patients were treated at different facilities, with the two men undergoing surgery to remove a large block of their hearts, but their hearts remained in good shape, according the report.ABC News reported that the man who was diagnosed in 2017 is now on the mend, and that his heart has not been removed.

According the report, the New York Daily News also reported that two doctors who examined the second patient and were present when they received the diagnosis were also unable to confirm the patient’s condition.ABC said the two doctors, Dr. William Mazzoli and Dr. George A. Schmitz, did not return requests for comment.ABC reported that a spokesperson for the hospital did not respond to a request for comment, but a spokesperson told the news outlet that the hospital’s policies prohibit patients from giving ventilators to themselves during cardiac arrest.ABC also reported a letter that the doctor and the nurses who treated the second man had sent to their patients requesting that they not give ventilator therapy to themselves in the hospital.ABC’s report said that while the two patients are now in stable condition, the two other patients have continued to have heart attacks, and have had the disease treated by specialists at a separate hospital.