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Aplasia heart surgery for a player on a ‘brahmandam’ transplant

Bhuvneshwar Bhujan, a 21-year-old Indian hockey player, had a heart bypass operation on March 3 and had to have a blood transfusion from a donor on May 4. 

Bhujan underwent surgery at the Chennai-based Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Cardiac Surgery and Neurosurgery (RGICS) on March 4, a day before his 18th birthday. 

“We have to get his heart back,” Bhugan’s father, Pritam, told reporters at his home in the state of Tamil Nadu. 

After the heart surgery on March 2, Bhuvanis father told The Hindu that the family was looking forward to seeing Bhu, a right winger, back on the ice soon. 

He also said that his family was ready to help Bhu get back on ice. 

A heart transplant from a Brahmanandan is a rare procedure and it is the first time that Bhu was able to get the heart from a foreign donor. 

The surgery was performed at RGICS at Chennai’s Shahidapuram Medical College in Tamil Nadu’s northern state of Telangana. 

Before the surgery, the heart had been donated from a close friend.

Bhuvan had the heart transplant after undergoing a heart transplant in 2015. 

Earlier, he was admitted to the hospital with a blood infection.

The doctors told him to stay at home for a few days and that he would return home soon.

However, his condition worsened after the surgery.

He had to be hospitalized and released on his own.

Heart transplant surgery at RGIS Dr. Rajiv Bhavan (right) with a blood donation from a teammate, P.V. Narasimha, in Chennai.


V Narasampumurthy, the medical director of RGICSS, said the procedure was done in a special unit in the hospital, where he underwent the surgery on Saturday. 

Dr. Narasekhara Rao, a heart surgeon at RGICS, said that it was the first of its kind and he hoped that Bhusan will get the transplant within the next few days. 

At the heart hospital, Bhusans heart was pumped and blood from two donors was injected into the heart, Dr. Rao said. 

Heart transplant at RGSS The operation was carried out in a specially-equipped surgery room with a large machine, and the donor’s blood was pumped through a catheter into the chest of the patient. 

Surgeons inserted two catheters and two hearts into Bhuva, the father said.

“The transplant was a very difficult procedure. 

My son has been undergoing surgery for two weeks. 

We were all looking forward of getting him back to the ice.

He is very excited and we are happy to be able to do this,” he said.