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U.S. Surgeons use green heart surgery to save patient’s life

A Texas woman who was admitted to the hospital after suffering a heart attack in the intensive care unit is recovering in a medically-equipped Green Heart unit, officials said Friday.

The 41-year-old woman had been at the hospital for about a month after a heart ailment.

She had had three previous surgeries for other heart problems, including one on her left side, but had never had surgery on her heart.

She was admitted on Aug. 15 and was in the ICU in critical condition, said Dr. Eric Johnson, the medical director of the Green Heart Hospital.

She was then discharged on Friday, Johnson said.

The woman’s family had been looking forward to the procedure for months.

They had wanted her heart surgery and the heart was functioning well, but doctors could not give her a definitive diagnosis, Johnson told reporters.

The operation was a major win for Johnson and the hospital’s medical team.

It is the first of its kind in the U.s., according to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Houston.

The hospital said the procedure was performed at the Houston Health Care System’s Intensive Care Unit.

The surgery was the first green heart operation to be performed in Texas.

Previously, the only Green Heart surgery in the country was at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

The Green Heart is a procedure in which a surgeon uses a high-tech device called a robotic heart to attach an artificial heart to a patient’s heart.

The heart is then implanted in the body.

The new operation is an evolution of the procedure performed at a Texas Heart Institute hospital in 2007.

The Heart Institute operated on patients who had cardiac arrest after undergoing other heart surgery.

The Texas Heart Department, which is a division of the Texas Medical Association, was not immediately available for comment.