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How the world’s most controversial heart surgery story came to be, according to animal heart surgeons

The tale of how one of the worlds most controversial animal heart surgeries came to a happy ending, thanks to the intervention of an unlikely ally.

Article Posted September 02, 2018 11:33:57A couple who were suffering from severe heart problems, and could not afford the operation on their own, decided to help out a friend.

It was a simple but touching story, and they found themselves at the centre of an international firestorm when the pair began sharing a video on Facebook in late September, documenting the heartbreaking and often heartbreaking process of heart surgery.

Heart surgeon Sajoon Namjoon was able to persuade the parents to go through with the operation after their son had a heart defect that was diagnosed and treated, a life-changing experience.

The father-of-two’s story, which is shared on the YouTube channel of a heart surgeon, shows him going through his own heart surgery journey, along with many others like him, who are struggling with similar heart conditions.

“I was in the hospital and it was my son’s heart that was failing,” Namjoo said in an interview with CBC News, in which he said his heart surgeon was the most important person in the whole operation.

“My heart was not doing any good at all.

I just thought, ‘I’m in there, I need help.'”

Namjoon’s wife, Kim, was in a wheelchair and was left in a vegetative state after her husband died.

“It was very difficult for her,” Namjoong said.

“We had the worst news.

She said, ‘Oh, my God, my husband died.'”

Namsaoon’s story made the rounds on social media, where his story was shared with thousands of people.

It wasn’t until a few weeks after he had the operation that he began to understand the importance of sharing the story, he said.

“We all knew it was a big deal, but I thought I would just share it, I would not share it on my Facebook wall,” he said, adding he also thought it was important to get the attention of other families who may be facing similar challenges.

Kim Namjoos, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, also shared her story.

“I’m a mother of two and a wife of one.

It’s very hard for me to share my heart,” she said.

When Kim Namjouns son passed away last year, her heart condition came to the forefront again.

“As I started talking about it, it got to the point where I could not sleep at night because I was crying so much,” she recalled.

Kim said her husband was a model for his friends and family.

“He’s a good person and a good husband.

He did so much for the world,” she added.

Kim, who said she’s grateful for the outpouring of support from her family, hopes her story can bring awareness to heart surgery in general.

“You should be doing something good for others.

I’m not saying that the surgery was for me, but the people that have this condition should not have to go to such lengths to do it,” she explained.”

The surgery is a life saving operation and it is very difficult to find someone who is willing to do the surgery.

But they do,” Kim added.

In an effort to help those facing heart problems like hers, Namjook, along to other heart surgeons, posted a video of himself performing his own surgery.

The YouTube video of the heart surgery was shared over 1.8 million times.

Namjokoon said his video was also seen by thousands of friends, and that many of them had told their story on social networks, including Facebook.

“When I started sharing my story, it made it to [the] front page of Facebook,” he explained.

The video quickly spread across the internet, and it took the doctor a while to find a way to get it on the news.

But he said he eventually found a way.

“People were talking about this.

I couldn’t believe it.

I was in tears.

I wanted to cry.

I kept saying, ‘Why are people talking about my heart surgery?’

But I’m like, ‘People don’t care,'” he said in a CBC interview.

He added that he had been trying to get more attention from the media, but said that while he was doing the heart operation, it was still not a priority.

“It’s not even on my agenda.

It was always on my list of things I had to do.”

Namjoong, a well-known and influential surgeon, has been a pioneer in the field of heart transplantation and a renowned heart surgeon who has helped patients across the world recover from heart defects.

In 2017, he was named the world renowned surgeon of the year.

He also has a doctorate in surgery and is a