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The New Yorker’s ‘Anagram’ is a hit

In an interview with ABC News, actor Jonah Hill said he wrote an essay about the birth of his son, a congenital heart defect, in December 2016.

“The New Yorker has a very good reputation, but I’m not a very nice person,” Hill said.

“I’m trying to do something good.

I’ve never been an activist.”

The article, titled “Anagram,” is a series of essays that Hill wrote about his life with congenital amoebic complex disease, or CACD.

The article is one of the first published in the New Yorker.

Hill said that while he had never written an essay before, he thought the article would be interesting to read.

“It would help me learn more about my condition, how I feel about it,” Hill wrote.

“Also, if the piece makes it to the next issue, then that’s great, because I’ve got an article out that I’d like to read.”

The New York Times first published the article in December.

“Analogies” is not the first time Hill has spoken about his struggles with the condition.

In an episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden in 2015, Hill talked about the difficulty of keeping up with medical appointments.

“For the last few months I’ve been trying to get the appointments in,” Hill joked.

“Sometimes, you know, it’s like I’m on a bus with three kids, and it’s four in the front.

And there’s a bus stop.

And then there’s another bus stop that’s in the back.

And, like, the next stop is a different bus stop and it gets worse and worse.

I think, you’re just, like I’ve always thought, like one of those people that is so dependent on their phones, you kind of feel like you’re going crazy.”

Hill’s family, including his parents, also have CACDs.

Hill’s aunt, who suffers from multiple genetic conditions, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as a C-section birth defect.

In addition to the complications of CACDL, Hill said the family’s medical bills could reach into the tens of thousands of dollars.

“If I could have just done the surgery at the same time, maybe I could’ve had a little bit more money,” Hill told Corden.

“But it’s a long story.”

Hill said his family had the highest rate of medical bills in the world.

“My parents are a very happy couple, and I think that if they were in better financial shape, I think they would have been much more successful in terms of getting that procedure done,” he said.

Hill and his parents are also working to improve their healthcare options for their children.

“As an actor, there’s nothing that I’m more proud of than the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to do this for my son,” Hill explained.

“When I was younger, I was like, ‘You know what, I’ve gotta get this done.’

And then I’ve seen a lot of other people that had their babies, and they’ve had surgery and they’re like, I know what I’m gonna do.’

And that’s so inspiring.”

The actor also said that he hopes that other actors and writers can help people like him.

“People have to be willing to try things,” Hill added.

“And if they’re willing to do things, then they’re going to succeed.

I hope people do things that people have never done before, and if they fail, they can always go back and try again.”