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How to treat a butterfly heart surgery

It’s a heart surgery that has a name: butterfly heart.

In the US, it’s commonly performed with a balloon to keep the heart’s blood supply in a steady state, but that’s not how it’s done in Australia.

Instead, a specialist at a Queensland hospital is using a butterfly organ transplant.

The heart, known as a metastasis, is a tissue in the heart that can grow and expand to accommodate the new heart.

The team of surgeons and doctors, from Queensland Heart and Stroke Centre and University of Queensland, is using the organ to treat patients who have had heart surgery.

“The new heart will contain a lot of new tissue that will be able to grow and adapt to the conditions that the heart is in,” Dr Michael Wooten said.

“When you give an organ to a patient, the new tissue needs to grow in order to stay healthy and keep the tissue attached to the organ.”

We need to find ways to make sure that this organ is healthy so that it’s going to be able grow and keep growing and keep maintaining the integrity of the heart.

“Dr Wootens said it was a process that could take up to two weeks to complete.”

There is a lot going on in the new organ, and it’s really a very delicate procedure,” he said.

In this video, you can watch an interview with Dr Michael T. Wooton about the heart transplant procedure and how the heart was harvested.