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Heart surgery video – heart implant surgery

A heart surgeon has made a video of the heart surgery he is performing on a patient.

Heart surgery is a procedure in which a patient is given a heart by a doctor, implanted with a device called a heart-lung machine (HLM), and the patient is then fitted with a stent, usually a small device which holds the patient’s blood and oxygen.

In this case, the patient has a heart that has been surgically removed, but is still connected to the rest of his body via a valve.

A patient’s heart is now hooked up to a monitor to monitor the patient and his surroundings.

The monitor is connected to an external monitor, which then sends data back to the doctor.

In the heart-in-a-tube video, surgeon Andrew Wylie says he removed a large section of the patient ‘very quickly’ in the middle of a heart transplant operation.

He said: ‘I could do the surgery in under 15 minutes.

I was looking at a guy who had been in intensive care for five years, and had a very difficult life.

‘I was thinking, I’m a big heart surgeon and I’d have to take a big risk with him.’

It’s just a huge risk, but it’s one that I’ve had to take.’

In the video, Wylis describes how he had to remove a section of skin, called a skin graft, which was holding the heart.

He then removed the heart by removing a tube containing the blood vessels that hold the heart’s electrical signals.

He said the surgery was very easy and painless, but the patient was still in shock.

Dr Wyli explained: ‘You could see a big gap between the two.

‘It’s basically like an electrical conduit where the artery is.

You can see the blood flow in the area that you cut.’

The artery goes into the skin, and it goes into a vein that’s connected to your heart.’

The patient was also fitted with oxygen masks.

After about 30 minutes, he was discharged.

Dr Wylies says the patient had to wait a few hours to be fitted with the stent that is placed around the patient.

The procedure took about 40 minutes, with Dr Wys explaining: ‘It took about three or four hours.

He had to be very, very careful with that because he had a small blood vessel in his heart that needed to be removed.’

He’d been very close to death, and he didn’t know it, but he needed that stent removed.

However, he did go into cardiac arrest at the end of the operation.

The patient is now back in intensive-care, with the valve now removed and his blood flow continuing normally.

This is the first video to show the surgery performed on a heart in a tube.

Dr Wys told BBC Radio 5 live: ‘He is quite an impressive guy.

I’ve never seen anybody like him before.’

Dr Wydys also said he was proud of his patient’s ‘remarkable recovery’.

He added: ‘The surgeon has been very, well-trained, and they’ve got a very good, good system.’

I’m proud of him, and I think that he’s got a long future ahead of him.’